Lowongan Kerja Business Intelligence Analyst Jakarta Workmate

Job Title : Business Intelligence Analyst Jakarta
Date : 21 September 2021
Company : Workmate
City : Jakarta

Penerimaan Pegawai Workmate Jakarta. Kalau teman sedang mencari lowongan kerja bulan Oktober 2021, maka Anda berada di portal yang benar. Ada banyak kategori lowongan yang bisa Anda daftar mulai dari lowongan kerja SMA SMK terbaru, hingga lowongan kerja S1. Saudara juga bisa mendaftar lowongan kerja online atau offline tergantung kualifikasi yang diminta pada info lowongan yang kami di loker.informasicpnsbumn.com. Informasi lowongan kerja yang valid, berasal dari website resmi atau media sosial perusahaan yang berkaitan, dan yang pasti tidak ada pungutan biaya apa pun.

Lowongan Kerja Workmate Jakarta Oktober 2021

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Hi, I’m Cze Kin. I’m the Group Head of Finance for and hiring manager for this position.

I wanted to take a different approach to JDs to give you a candid and hopefully better understanding of whom is and what being a part of the Management team at is all about. You should probably read the whole thing if you’re serious about applying.

  • A little about me since you and I will work together:
  • As a finance leader, I pursue finance transformation and have built my expertise in the areas of business partnership, financial planning and analysis, process improvement, finance operations, and audit. I am a strong believer that finance plays one of the biggest roles in any business. It is not just about numbers; it is intertwined with every part of the business. Finance is the engine that enables the business to scale, and it also drives business plans to succeed. I am looking for someone that shares the same passion for finance business improvement, problem solving and execution as me and my team.
  • Most of my journey as a finance professional before was as a business controller to MNCs, focused on transforming finance in the Asia Pacific region, and bringing tangible business value through the use of data analytics. With financial and tax restructuring recommendations, I brought recurring savings of over US$15 million per year across three MNCs.
  • At my core, I love bringing plans I believe in to reality, and seeing the impact of the results achieved. Taking a passive seat is not for me; I get things rolling and tear down walls to reach the goal, for the results are much sweeter that way.
  • There were two reasons I joined . First, was the untapped opportunity of a workforce segment that had been under-served for decades, presenting a huge potential to the growth of the company in years to come. Second, and more importantly, was the enormous impact continues to make to the large number of informal workers in Asia.
  • We want to capture these workers on one platform that not only gives them full time employment at the click of a button, but also creates a history of their work, their experience, their performance so they get rewarded, paid fairly, get recognized for their work and stop having to worry about finding their next gig.
  • This is why we’re building ; to organise the informal workforce by connecting people to more opportunities, increasing their income, social protections, and ultimately their quality of life. Our matching and grading system delivers a ready-made high performing workforce for our clients to plug into their team.
  • You can check out my linkedin profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/czekin/

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about who YOU are.

Who you are and whom we’re seeking:

  • You are organised and detailed. People have commented that you may have OCD, with everything structured and in their place. Your home, office and computer are laid out in ways that work for you.
  • You are a true detective; you are obsessed with getting to the root cause (ie, the 5 whys) and not accepting an answer “just because it’s always been done like that”. You can clearly articulate the right questions to stakeholders and customers to understand the core issues. You can view things from both 10,000 feet, and 10 feet, zooming in and out quickly. You can piece a puzzle together to bring meaning to it.
  • You understand business. You have experience not only in data, but in business operations. You have a sound base of understanding around how marketplaces create efficiencies and what trends to look out for on the demand and supply side.
  • You make details simple for laymen. You have an ability to take complex data and make it digestible for everyday people. You leave nothing to chance by making headings, descriptions and chart labels easily understood by someone who knows nothing about your business. It is not just the chart, it is the inferences you make next to it that make it valuable.
  • You are fast. You can prioritize your workload to get time sensitive data out quickly, because you have set up the foundations for good clean data and do not need to triple check figures.
  • You can talk to everyone. You have school and street smarts. This means you can talk to C-level all the way through to ground level teams, to help give color to your data and trends.
  • Less is more. A business can have 1000 metrics it can focus on. You prioritise data, and remove clutter, to ensure each business unit has the right leading data to help stay on / improve course.
  • You are a self starter. No one needs to tell you where to start. You can take a big picture objective and turn it into actionable steps without being micromanaged. This means you can communicate across all business units well.
  • You are ready to be wrong. We believe the best ideas and solutions come from debate and putting an idea through the gauntlet. You are aware of this and will present your ideas in a manner that invites criticism and are willing to change your solutions based on feedback.
  • You speak up. You wouldn’t let the business burn down if it was on fire. Because of this you are always on the lookout for positive or negative trends that could impact operations, and become a business partner for the exec team.

Being a Business Intelligence Analyst at : A business smart data centric person

Being an analyst at is not about sitting around creating graphs all day. It is a hands on affair that suits a person who is savvy in business/data/maths and data modelling. It is a tall ask, being analytical and creative at the same time.

You will often be required to operate in a boundaryless environment, colouring within ‘no lines’. Given a problem statement ofdemand is down in this area, find out why. Then using your true detective skills to find where in the funnel we are blocked, and why. That will require analytics, talking to the team and even our clients.

Day to day you will be working closely with the commercial C Level (CEO and myself), as well as the country managers and their VPs. One day you may be creating an investor report, the next you may be upgrading data sets in our business dashboards. As you get to understand the nuts and bolts of the business, where you will make the biggest impact is turning data into prediction. Helping us to understand our workers and clients behaviours better, to ensure we are still heading towards our north star.

Things you may do as Business Analyst:

  • Regular metrics and reports:
    • Maintain and improve our data suite (Sisense) and CRM tool (Hubspot)
    • Keep our company wide monthly performance tracker clean and updated on time, by creating automations between our information stack and Gsheets.
    • Create new queries for the business team based on emerging requirements
    • Provide our investors with updated reports based on quarterly performance
    • Ensure consistency across all dashboards, charts and communications
  • Business intelligence:
    • Ideate, develop and share studies that provide insights into our biggest blockers and opportunities. These may be more broader market focused or purely internal. You will be focused on our unit economics, benchmarking and use scenario planning to guide the exec team towards the right path.
    • Analyze supply levers through the funnel for our various roles and geographies and provide our team with actionable intel.
    • Be involved in cross functional projects that reshape the business.
  • Get a hands on understanding of our business:
    • Dig deep into our end to end value chain and processes.
    • Help identify process blockers and potential changes that will bring bigger efficiencies
    • Meet our clients and workers, to truly understand what the data means

About Working at

  • You will be based in our Jakarta officeGowork at Plaza Indonesia.
  • We have a medical package that supports inpatient, outpatient, and dental
  • We have been achieving 200% y/y growth for the last 2 years so financially, and are on track for our best quarter ever in the midst of the economic crisis. We are on an enviable trajectory. We have hit market profitability in our commercial locations.

People you will directly work with:

    • Cze Kin, our finance guru. Ask him a question (or two) about cryptocurrency :P
    • Mat, he’s our Founder and CEO and the longest survivor of this project. He has a tough hide since this is his second startup (previously sold an ad-tech company). He is also the Chief Salesman of . With passion gleaming in his eyes, his razor sharp focus is always on the mission of organizing the blue-collar workforce.
    • Andrew, he is our CTO and an absolute wizard. You will be working with him on all things data and analytics. Oversight on any security protocol is unacceptable (as it should be!) and he is always here to keep us on track.
    • Martin, he is our CEO in Thailand and leads from the front in ensuring that we live our culture. He also really values spending time with the team, and cannot wait to be back in the office.
    • Rian is our new Managing Director in Indonesia and loves deep diving into the root of things as much as he loves mountain biking. Heading our sales team with his unique leadership style, he will be your go-to person when working with the demand side data.

Cara Melamar :

Apabila Anda berminat dan sesuai dengan persyaratan Lowongan Kerja ini, silahkan kirimkan lamaran dan CV terbaru Anda melalui tautan berikut :

Ketentuan :

  • Hanya kandidat yang memenuhi kualifikasi yang akan dipanggil lebih lanjut.
  • Semua proses penerimaan tidak dikenakan biaya apapun.

Jika lowongan diatas belum sesuai dengan bakat dan pendidikan yang Anda miliki, tidak ada salahnya Anda melihat lowongan yang berhubungan di bawah ini.

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