Lowongan Kerja Junior Web Developer Trainee Scandiweb Bandung

Job Title : Junior Web Developer Trainee
Date : 30 September 2021
Company : Scandiweb
City : Bandung

Rekrutmen Scandiweb Bandung. Kalau Saudara sedang mencari lowongan kerja bulan Oktober 2021, maka Anda berada di web yang tepat. Ada banyak kategori lowongan yang bisa Anda daftar mulai dari lowongan kerja SMA SMK terbaru, hingga lowongan kerja S1. Sobat juga bisa mendaftar lowongan kerja online atau offline tergantung ketentuan yang diminta pada info lowongan yang kami informasikan di loker.informasicpnsbumn.com. Informasi lowongan kerja yang valid, berasal dari web resmi atau media sosial perusahaan yang berkaitan, dan pastinya tidak ada pungutan biaya apa pun.

Rekrutmen Scandiweb Bandung Oktober 2021

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I will tell you one thing that may make you remember Scandiweb, every time you do ... anything.

How is it possible?

  • Think about cars for example… Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jaguar or Land Rover? We built their sites to sell their cars.
  • Wearing socks, maybe HappySocks? Well, we built their stores too!
  • Applying L'Oreal or Lancome makeup? That's our customer!
  • Running in PUMA shoes? Their eCommerce store was made by Scandiweb!
  • Buying tickets at airBaltic.com or visiting THE MET museum in New York? Made in Scandiweb. Enjoying … hmm… yeah, we made an official Durex site too!

What is a day of a Junior Developer Trainee?

  • Your first day and even a few weeks will be dedicated to onboarding, learning the tools we use, processes we follow, company history and culture. You will set up your workspace and workstation and equip them with the necessary apps.
  • Once that is done, you will have your EDU tasks, where you start to actually use learned tools. The task usually is a small part of a real project that you will perform under the guidance and supervision of a dedicated mentor. There will be no time pressure, but we do expect commitment to quality?. We expect you to take as much time as necessary and learn what it takes to produce Quality Work.
  • Afterwards, you will have more and more independence in figuring out how to code and achieve solutions, get more complex tasks, helping others, and make steady steps to become a full-time Software Engineer!

What do we expect from a Junior Developer Trainee?

  • The title says it all - we expect you to be a real Junior - who is eager to absorb information and advice from mentors as a sponge, break things, try again, break and try again till you build a stable framework of knowledge around the things you are doing.
  • The second part, being a Trainee - do not expect to start Work in the first days or weeks, you will train, learn, get feedback and support. Training will stay with you permanently, while you are at Scandiweb - we have a continuous training program, so there are small bits of education every week and month! We help everybody to build a rich and robust software engineer competency framework!
  • The lucky ones will have a chance for a more smooth start from a Quality Engineer placement from few weeks to a few months to gain project-wide experience.

How to apply?

  • Apply to the job ad
  • Fill out the necessary details and we will get back to you very soon with the next steps
  • Wonder what those are? Usually a phone call, test assignment and a technical interview

To pass the test successfully, you need to understand the web applications built on PHP, MySQL, HTML, and OOP approaches. In your EDU you will learn React, GraphQL, deploy to cloud environments built on Kubernetes, but your first step requires only the basics of the web!

NOTE! If you are starting your journey with us remotely, you will need to have your own hardware setup. We recommend having the following minimum specifics: CPU i5 (or AMD equivalent), SSD 512GB and RAM 16GB.

What are the benefits?

  • Get the best Dev training in the #1 eCommerce agency in the world
  • Work on the most challenging and the biggest projects globally
  • Be part of a multinational team delivering to customers in more than 70 countries!
  • Enjoy our online first office, where everybody is connected no matter their location
  • Get support to organize your home office or enrol in a coworking space;
  • Health insurance, Crowdbonus from your colleagues, library, certifications, events and so much more!

We are the #1 eCommerce Agency in the World and we continue our growth!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Fresh Graduate

Salary: Rp6,600,000 - Rp11,600,000 per month

COVID-19 considerations:
All job is done remotely


  • English (Required)

Tata Cara Pendaftaran :

Jika Anda tertarik dan sesuai dengan kualifikasi Lowongan Kerja ini, silahkan kirimkan lamaran dan CV terbaru Anda melalui tautan di bawah ini :

Ketentuan :

  • Hanya peserta yang memenuhi kualifikasi yang akan dipanggil lebih lanjut.
  • Setiap proses rekrutmen tidak ditarik biaya apapun.

Jika lowongan tadi belum sesuai dengan minat dan kemampuan yang Anda miliki, tidak ada salahnya Anda mencari lowongan yang berhubungan di bawah ini.

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